Globetrotting Redhead Companion.
Toronto's Enigmatic Sensual Healer

In accordance with the Ontario government’s recommended best practices and COVID19, until June 2nd 2020 I am your Virtual Girlfriend Extraordinaire. Private video encounters of 30 minutes, an hour, up to 90 minutes available. New Onlyfans, with tantalizing clips to keep you inspired at home.

I am currently welcoming reservations with deposits for a very select number of trusted regulars for June 2nd onwards. Email to inquire. 

Hello handsome, nice to meet you. I’m Vivienne Lawrence, your sultry, enigmatic heart-for-hire. I am based in Toronto, Canada for those like you who crave a sensual companion and inspiring confidante.  As if from another time, everything classic draws me in with its timeless allure. From vintage designer clothing to classic cars and pre-modern art, exquisite taste never expires in my eyes. I pair well with other old-souls and hopeless romantics.

Those who know me best often describe me as a natural beauty with an artistic vibe, an intellectual, an excellent conversationalist and an active listener. University educated and cultured, yet unpretentious. As a selective independent companion, I am well-reviewed, discreet, and utterly enchanting. I simply can’t wait to make you smile when we are together.

Insatiably curious by nature, nothing excites me more than the unknown. I live my life traveling far and wide, excited to make lasting friendships that inspire deep connections. The anticipation, the excitement…I can’t help but show it in my eyes, and in my smile as we embrace. Take my hand, and allow me to welcome you into a world of sensual discovery.

The most enthralling romances begin as a mystery. I can’t wait to see how ours enfolds…

Indulge your fascination.

18+ to continue…