I’m excited to meet you, and can only imagine the adventures we will share.

The question becomes- what do you crave? As an open-minded individual, I would love to discover what inspires your passion, and that which quickens your pulse. Kindly visit my FAQ section before requesting a session at vivienne.lawrence@protonmail.ch.

Toronto Independent Escort + Companion

I am available to men, women, and couples of all backgrounds possessing a maturity of 30+. I do not discriminate based on gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, ability, etc. The rates listed below are for entertainment purpose only.

Allow me to welcome you to my private atelier, a gallery-inspired location in Kensington Market. Should you prefer a private rendez-vous chez vous, I offer outcalls to four-star plus hotels in the downtown core and the Toronto Airport (YYZ), with an additional rate to cover transportation. Please view below for recommendations! Visits to private abodes are available to regulars after a minimum of three visits, and for a minimum duration of two hours. All of the rates below apply to bookings reserved with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

Vivienne Looking in Mirror



A zen-like gallery location is available in Kensington, great for art lovers! Alternative location in the Garden District are available for those with cat allergies, with a minimum of 24 hours notice. For extended dates over 24hours, kindly inquire privately for rate structure. US rates are applicable when I am touring within America.


Duration Description Canada US
90 minutes “Amuse-Bouche” $600 CAD $900 USD
2 hours “Soft Embrace” $800 CAD $1100 USD
3 hours “Playful Distraction” $1200 CAD $1500 USD
4 hours “Afternoon Delight” $1500 CAD $1900 USD
5 hours “Linger” $1700 CAD $2200 USD
8 hours “Spend the Day” $2300 CAD $3000 USD
12 hours “Overnight” $3000 CAD $4000 USD
15 hours “Rise & Shine” $4000 CAD $5000 USD
24 hours “All Yours” $5000 CAD $6000 USD


Inspire me together! Please add an additional $100 CAD (total). As an authentically bisexual creature, I simply love to play, within the boundaries that the two of you (notably: the lady) have established together. I require contact from both partners before proceeding with a booking.


Kindly note that overnights require time for sleep, dinner, and entertainment of choice (I highly recommend a gallery visit or perhaps the theatre!) Should you crave a sensual start to your morning, I recommend the “Rise & Shine” package. My standard 12 hour overnight does not include a morning tryst, simply a coffee and a kiss.


Outcall Location Additional Fee
Toronto My Standard Rate + $50 CAD
YYZ Airport My Standard Rate + $80 CAD
United States Outcalls My Standard Rate + $50 USD

Recommended hotels in Toronto

The Four Seasons, The Hazelton, One King West, The Gladstone, The Drake, The Beverly, Shangri-La, The Hilton, Westin Harboutfront Castle, Bisha Hotel, King Omni Edward, and The Grand Hotel. I accept requests for outcalls to hotels four stars plus.

Where to dine in Toronto

Hungry for a lasting encounter? Here are a few of my favourite places to dine in Toronto: Ja Bistro or Miku (sushi lovers), Nawlin’s (southern cuisine),  Richmond Station (for the eclectic and refined), Terroni (Italian comfort), Belfast Love (a proper pub, mind you), Patria (Spanish flare), George Restaurant (the pride and joy of George Brown College), Grey Gradens (my favourite), Big Trouble (creative Chinese fare), Windsor Arms or the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) for afternoon tea.

Private Residences

Outcalls to private residences available exclusively for trusted, regular clients at my discretion.

Deposits & Cancellation Policy

My companionship style is such that I rarely entertain more than one encounter per day. I much prefer to connect with a curated number of disguished suitors, so that I can fully invest my attention and presence with you when we are together.

I highly value your time, and expect the same curtesy in return. As accomplished adults, schedules can often be hectic, dynamic and fluctating. Consequently, the best way to secure our time together is through submitting a deposit and booking with ample notice. This demonstration of integrity goes a long way towards amplifying my anticipation to meet you.

Deposits:  a deposit of 50% is required for all new suitors who do not have references, and for all date packages of 3hours or longer. Deposits can further be applied at my discretion with existing clients, should frequent rescheduling or cancelling occur. I accept deposits via e-transfer for Canadian suitors, P**P** for international suitors, and via Bitcoin for the extra privacy-conscious.

Rescheduling:  If ever you need to reschedule, I kindly request that you give me as much notice as you possibly can. For those that reschedule with more than 24hours notice and within the next 60 calendar days, the deposit can be applied towards the rescheduled visit. Those who reschedule more than twice will be asked to send a deposit on every booking moving forward (incl. under 3hrs) as a way to protect my time.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations with over 24 hours notice do not carry a penalty. Cancellations made with less than 24hours notice carry a 50% cancellation fee, to be paid within 24hours of cancelling. The deposit will serve as the cancellation fee in bookings of three hours or more, otherwise the fee can be paid in the same fashion as deposits (e-transfer/Bitcoin/P**P**).


Intro Coffee Dates

For first time hobbyists, I offer an introductory 30 minute social “coffee date” to act as a form of screening. As of July 31st 2019, I no longer offer social rates to repeat clients, with the social coffee date option reserved only for first time encounters.

Are you a caffeine-addict? So am I! Let’s get to know one another over some delicious coffee in a social setting and let the spark ignite! Cocktail dates are welcome for when the coffee shops close. This is perfect for the first time suitor who does not have references and who would like to make a great impression. Screening: $150 CAD for 30 minute social date, $250/hour social date.

Getaways & Travel

I am available for Travel within Canada, within the United States, Europe and Australia, with sufficient notice. Visit my Travel page for more details. Fly-me-to-yous available for a minimum $2,500 CAD booking, within North America only. Internation travel outside of tours for a minimum $4,500 CAD booking. Ask me about my new option for shorter destinations, my “train-me-to-yous” for those within a six-hour radius from Toronto. All travel dates require a 50% deposit, with the remaining 50% balance is due upon my arrival (non-negotiable).

Extended Time

Monthly Retainer

Simply can’t get enough of me? Non-exclusive monthy arrangements are available starting at $8,000 CAD a month.

Email & Sexting

Email correspondance and texting/sexting between visits is reserved for select suitors who book either frequently (more than twice per month) or who book multihour (4 hours +) engagements. Otherwise, continued correspondance packages are available for $500/month, payable in person or via e-transfer.