Welcome to my carefully curated independent escort profile: a landing page for the erotically curious mind, where you can learn a little bit more about the woman who makes the companion.

A student of life and passionate creature, I love to learn, in every way, shape and form. As a happily retired academic, I am a sensuous, enthusiastic independent escort and companion for the modern gentleman and the adventurous couple. Think of me as your empathetic lover with a flair for the unique, and an undeniable wild side brimming with passion. A work of art that invites you to explore, and discover that which you crave. While it can be difficult to summerize one’s complex persona into a mere selection of statistics, the following descriptors paint a portrait of the independent escort and companion that you can expect to welcome you during our first encounter.

Sex Female
Education Ivy League University Educated, high distinction. Certificate in Fashion Techniques & Design, to indulge the creative spirit in me!
Sexual Preference Bisexual (fence-sitters unite!)
Age 26 (by birth, not by mentality. An old soul trapped in a young body)
Background Canadienne, Mixed Heritage (Irish/Russian + Welsch/German-Jewish)
Weight 120 lb
Height 5’6″
Body type swimmer’s/runner’s build. Long, lean legs; slim torso; soft natural breasts
Measurements 32D-26-35
Eyes Light Blue/Green (yellow centre, dark rims)
Hair “Julianne Moore” red, shoulder-length
Skin Ivory
Piercings/tattoos a few tattoos (one small shamrock and carefully chosen scripture)
Surgery? No, completely natural
Grooming Tastefully Trimmed
Shoe size 8-8.5
Dress size small (4 in American sizing)
Languages English and French (fluently bilingual)
Favorite color Emerald Green
Escort Style Independent Toronto Independent Escort + Companion
Likes Ambition, cleverness, generosity, maturity, good hygiene, gifts, playfulness.
Favorite quote “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” (Dr. Seuss)