The Librarian

What goes on in those stacks?

Vivienne started working in the library in January of her second year in university. She had always loved the relaxed atmosphere, the warmth, and the fantasies that libraries inspired in her. You see, Vivienne is a literaphile, someone who loves to read, particularly erotica. She reads everywhere- in parks, on breaks at work, and on the subway… but little did everyone else know, she was reading stories that made her heart pulse, her nipples harden, and her cunt drip. Chastised by parents for sneaking onto the computer to look at porn, Vivienne learnt at a young age that anywhere she went, she could read porn undetected, and get a little thrill out of reading what was obscene in the eyes of most.

Working at the library was perfect- Vivienne made new friends, could study during slow hours, and listen to her podcasts while shelving. To stave herself from boredom, Vivienne would listen to erotic readings by Violet Blue. This made her flush while shelving, picturing the patrons staring at her, undressing her, fucking her against the bookshelves. But while they were merely studying, and Vivienne appeared to be undertaking her clerk duties, she was miles away in her filthy mind, picturing someone lifting her skirt and fucking her hard.

A year and a half in, Vivienne was promoted and held the summer internship at the library. This was an exciting opportunity- Vivienne would only have one other coworker, yet more responsibility, and more autonomy. She settled in to this new summer position and was instantly in love with her full-time internship. However, this lasted for about two weeks, until once again, Vivienne realized she was bored out of her wits. So she started listening to more intense erotica and instructional podcasts. Now, she was not only filing old records and sorting the storage section, she was aurally learning how to do what she so craved.

A particular project came along that required Vivienne to be in the storage section, alone, sorting for a few hours everyday, far away from her coworkers in the main part of the library. Although Vivienne worried about feeling isolated, she quickly realized she could live more of her fantasies with the privacy accorded by the storage section. She started to take small breaks in between filing subjects to touch herself under her panties to release the desire she felt from listening to her erotic stories. The thought that anyone could come by and discover her- potentially resulting in the loss of her job-only made her desire more frantic and urgent, bringing her to walk around and assume her duties as normal with a wet, satiated cunt, pretending to be ordinary.

A few days before the internship was coming to a close, Vivienne had a lot of work to wrap up in the storage section. She started to envision how to reward herself for getting everything done, and on time. She made a promise to herself that on her last day, she would do what she had wanted to from the start: film herself finger-fucking her cunt against the stacks of books, knee socks and pencil skirt astride.

She finished all of her impending work in a craze- pushing herself harder and harder so that she would have time to live out her fantasy. On the before last day, Vivienne finished the last of her re-organization of old theses and Doctoral documents in the non-circulating portion of storage. She decided what she was going to bring tomorrow… the list included: heels, pencil skirt, lace panties, small butt plug, and her phone to record, obviously.

The next day Vivienne’s heart pounded. She slipped away to the bathroom and slowly inserted the black silicone plug into her well-lubed ass, taking it in, then pulling up her panties and getting back to work. She toiled away re-shelving the circulation and tidying up the main desk, knowing that soon she would hop over to storage and do somthing riské. Vivienne skipped lunch to be able get a head start her “work” in storage. Her cunt was already dripping as she pushed “video” on her iphone to take in the rows of stacks as she made her way deep into the storage library. She walked down the rows and then hung a left and then a right to get to the secluded corner she had chosen. She slipped her panties off, set the phone down angled right between her ankles and her bent knees. She licked her fingers and then started to stroke her clit gently, then more franticly, her eye on the red blinking “record” of her iphone screen.

Her cunt contracted with anticipation as her index and ring fingers slid inside her, curving upwards towards her belly. Stroking her clit with one hand and her other hand finger-fucking her cunt, moving the plug in her ass in tandem. Her cunt started to soak the carpet beneath her, leaving an undeniable wet spot that would linger after she was done. But she couldn’t stop- she had to rub harder, pump faster, and try to stifle her little moans, should she be heard by her coworkers. She stared at the camera, which was like watching yourself fuck yourself in the mirror- like having another person watching and doing the same thing. She stared at the “record” button one last time before failing to stifle her moan as she started gushing and squirting onto the floor, on to her knee socks, splashing her phone screen.

Vivienne stopped shaking and pulled her fingers out before pulling up her panties. They were  missed the puddle underneath her plump bottom, unlike her pour knee socks. She took her knee socks off, pressed “stop” on the record, and washed her hands. She took a deep breath, and headed back to the main section of the library. For the next two hours, Vivienne worked like normal, but just a tad lighter. She had a smile that was more like a wicked smirk, her cheeks were pink and flushed, and her cunt was so still so wet and slippery. She gathered up her things, said goodbye to her summer coworkers, and headed towards two weeks of vacation before starting up her fourth year.