Babe in Toyland

An erotic short for your 5 minute coffee break

Vivienne had just left a position working at a nightclub and was looking for work. Still quite young and naïve, Vivienne wasn’t quite ready to go full swing into companionship, but she did want to work in something related to her greatest passion: sexuality. After hearing that a friend of hers was about to quit her job at a local sex toy shop, Viv jumped on the opportunity and sent in her resume. Within a couple days, she was called in for an interview. Lucky girl- she was hired on the spot and started working a week later.

Although Vivienne was excited to be working in her field, she had forgotten one small, but very important detail: it was a retail position. Vivienne had learned through a miserable experience at the age of 17 that she hated working in retail. “This time, it’ll be different,” she thought, as she giddily organized vibrators, cockrings, massage candles and lingerie in the little shop. All in all, the work was interesting enough- she got to meet new people, and secretly took pride that she had a role in their soon to come orgasms. Soon enough, though, the shifts started to wear on her, knowing that all of these people got to go home and try out their new toys the moment they left the shop. Poor Vivienne was stuck in the shop, surrounded by toys, and not able to play. A particularly cruel form of torture for Vivienne, the imaginative yet impatient hedonist that she is.

Vivienne has always been fond of Lelo- the smooth silicone, the delicious curves of their sleek design, and their powerful hum of their vibration… the very thought would get her wet in her seat behind the cash register. There was one in particular that she had been staring at: the Lelo Gigi in it’s alluring robin’s egg blue. She would make any excuse she could to show it off to customers just to feel the good vibes shiver through her fingers.

One day, her shift was excruciatingly slow. This Friday afternoon could not feel any longer. Having a coffee in her hand, she couldn’t possibly justify running next door for a coffee break. That’s when it hit her: she was all alone on these shifts at the quaint little sex shop. No supervisor, no coworkers, only her and the customers. And where were these customers? Well, it was one of those torrentially rainy days Toronto is prone to getting in the early summer. Looking at some poor guy hanging on to his umbrella for dear life outside the window, Vivienne knew the chances of anyone coming in would be slim.

No one around. Surrounded by toys. Rainy afternoon. Staring intently at the Lelo Gigi, Vivienne thought “Fuck it,” and put the “Back in 5” sign up on the window before shutting the door to the shop. She grabbed one of the remaining Lelo Gigi’s from the shelf, slipped it carefully out of the box, and shuffled another box in it’s place so nothing would look askew. She turned up the soundtrack and headed towards the staff bathroom, hiding the toy in her belt. After closing the door, Vivienne hastily grabbed a condom from her pocket, slipped it on over the toy and held the vibrations against her clit. Hungry for more and rushing at the thought of discovery, she slipped the toy into her dripping cunt and started pushing it in and out while turning up the intensity on the vibration. Just as she was about to come, she heard something she really didn’t want to: a knock on the tiny bathroom’s door. Panicking, Vivienne slipped the toy out of her throbbing cunt, threw the condom out, washed the toy, and dressed herself. Hiding the toy in her jeans again, she composed herself and opened the door.

Standing there, of all people, was a friend of hers with whom she performed. Her friend Alias stood there in front of the door staring at her. He had a coffee in both hands and a confused grin starting to spread across his face.

“Hey Alias, what are you doing here? Sorry I had to run to the washroom just now. Can I help you with something?”

“I just stopped by to give you a coffee- I knew you were working and I owe you for last time.”

“That’s nice of you, and thanks for the coffee, but I’m at work and I can’t really hang out right now. I should be trying to sell some of this wonderful array of toys ,” she says while gesturing towards the shelves.

“Oh, you mean as opposed to trying them out?” Alias asked sarcastically while staring at the top of the Gigi poking out from under Vivienne’s t-shirt.

“Shit I forgot to tuck it in,” exclaimed Vivienne while trying to hide her embarrassment and slight cockiness. Sure, Vivienne was a little embarrassed at having been caught red-handed, but let’s be honest: she felt proud too, like a slutty little badass.

“Did you come yet?” asked Alias as he set down the coffees while starting Vivienne down. You know the stare: the one that says “I want to fuck you right now” and you just stare back in the exact same way. It’s like some telepathic communication of “let’s fuck” that you can instantly recognize.


“Do you want to?”

Vivienne pulled him into the tiny bathroom and locked the door just as Alias lifted her against the wall. Kissing hungrily while pulling her pants down, Alias turned the toy on and shoved it against her clit. Moaning as quietly as she could, she grabbed a condom and got down on her knees. Sucking his cock and rolling the condom all the way down with her mouth, Vivienne spat on it just before Alias lifted her back up. Spinning around, Vivienne bent over and rested her elbows on the counter as Alias slipped inside her. Still holding the Gigi against her clit, he pumped hard and rhythmically- knowing exactly which buttons of hers to push. The pressure on her g-spot coupled with the vibes against her clit were too much for her to hold back, and within minutes she squirted onto the bathroom floor. Feeling her juice running down his balls and legs, Alias groaned and pumped harder as he came inside her.


Panting, they took a moment to collect themselves and then started cleaning. Vivienne dressed herself and mopped the tiny bathroom floor, while Alias threw out the condom and washed the Gigi. Looking around to check that the room was spotless, they emerged back into the main part of the store, and Vivienne resumed her spot behind the cash register. It’s then that Alias asked, “so, how much for this Lelo?”


“You want to buy it?” asked Vivienne with a curious smile.

“Well, yeah. I want to have it on my shelf as a useable piece of art. It’s awesome!”

“Ok then,” replied Vivienne as she quoted him the price and set up the sale. Ringing it in and processing his card, she was proud that she could sell something on a day as slow as this.

“There’s just one condition,” Alias started. “You have to promise to come enjoy it with me sometime.”

Sipping her coffee and taking her time to respond, Vivienne finally exclaimed: “it would be my pleasure,” letting the sly grin spread across her face.

“Sold! Alright, enjoy the rest of your shift, and I hope the coffee brightened your day!”

“Thank you- it really did. Now get out of here before I get fired!” she said as she hugged him goodbye.

Staring out the rainy window, Vivienne thought about what her next step was. She loved fucking in the middle of the day, and knowing that some of her friends did it for money and had fulfilling lives, she made up her mind. She typed up a resignation letter, and sent it to her boss along with her hours. Checking the clock, it was 30 min past the closing time of the store. She locked up, and never looked back.