Dressing to Undress

I’ve been in Italy for nearly three weeks. Currently, I’m sipping my umpteenth cappuccino, and ardently people watching. Venice, a romantic backdrop if there ever was one, has inspired me to write a little something about what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to meeting an escort.

Getting ready for a date is often half of the excitement itself! Whoever you are, one thing is for sure: you are human. You crave excitement, intimacy, and connection. Perhaps you’re a little jittery or even a little unsure. But one thing is certain: you’ve decided to treat yourself to one of the most gratifying experiences one can have. You’re planning to meet a professional lover.

So, what do you wear? Let’s start with a few questions to guide you while getting ready for your adventure.

What’s your type?

When preparing for a date, many of us start by looking for someone who turns us on. It might be the color of their hair, their general physique, their personality, their taste in music, or something unique about them that simply catches our eye. When dating, I find that the best thing to do is to dress in a way that attracts the person you crave, much like how one would dress in an interview for the career you desire.

Whether your type is curvaceous and classic, wild and manic, or quiet yet saucy (referring to myself here), they want to be there just as much as you do. Many providers have a FAQ section that gives a little insight into who they are. Take a quick peek, and see if they have listed hints as to what gets them going. Personally, I have an affinity for the classic office look: a button down, well-fitting trousers, and maybe a sport jacket that complements the getup. I also absolutely love the look of suspenders over a classic Canadiana plaid shirt. Call me old-fashioned, but something about the way one pulls them aside really gets me going. The point is: when you dress in a way that feels good for you and excites your partner, you can expect chemistry to flow.

What’s your ideal date?

The next big question is: what do you want to do together? For shorter sessions like an afternoon delight, it might seem irrelevant what you wear. I would disagree. Wear something that flatters your shape, and makes you feel confident at the very least. As professionals, we take a lot of pride in our presentation, and while it’s not expected from you, we take it as a compliment when you put care into your appearance.

For longer dates, research what you like to do together. Again, many of us have a Toronto guide with suggestions on outings, such as attending a Jay’s game, catching a local production at SoulPepper Theatre, or dining together in the sky at Canoe. Always dress weather appropriately: there is nothing worse than wanting to enjoy yourself and being cold, overexposed (hello sunburn), or uncomfortable. Dress in layers, and take some time to really savor peeling them off behind closed doors. Avoid wearing anything that doesn’t breathe well (hint: avoid polyester anything).

If you’re a little nervous or shy, wear something that can act as a conversation piece. A dear client of mine is a fan of colorful ties with the most unique prints I have ever come across. The colors are absolutely out of this world. I had the opportunity to meet with the shop owner who designs all of these creatively-colored masterpieces. Like myself, he delights in the art of the tease. He showed me this pocket square that, upon first glance, resembles a vibrant stained glass panel. However, when you unfold it…the delicate silk portrays a rather raunchy orgy scene! Now that’s how you start a conversation.

What can you share?

Life, as I have to come to find, can be the most rewarding in the small moments. While I have had many wonderful relationships with amazing clients, there are a few who stick out in my memory. I treated one particular client to a pair of my lacy underwear to take as a keepsake after a particularly wonderful afternoon. In return, they gave me their sweater that smelled of them. The scent of each other, in each case, was in-bedded in the fibers. Sometimes I still wear the sweater to sleep, and the feeling of the sweater against me brings about a wicked smile.

What you wear is powerful. It informs the world about the person you are, and the person you aspire to be. As I look around in Italy, people are wearing all sorts of styles. While there tends to be an overwhelming amount of black, I’m noticing a wealth of carefully crafted lace. My time in Venice brought about the discovery of how intricate and detailed the handcrafted lace of the region can be. Truly, the light and gauzy pieces are exquisite, and the way they feel against your skin… takes your breath away.

At the end of the day, when you’re getting ready to meet a provider, be authentic and wear something that makes you smile in the mirror. Chances are, we’ll be smiling too.

Vivienne xoxo