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Five financial mini-challenges to whoop your finances into shape As some of you know, I have entertained an internship in finance for the last nine months at an incubator (also known as a co-working space, similar to WeWork). This past Monday was my last day, and I’m incredibly grateful for the lessons I’ve learned in […]

The Lady In Red

I’m so High-Low Red is a powerful color. It evokes feelings of warmth, passion, intrigue, and lust. Somewhere around the age of 15, I started a Friday tradition of wearing red lipstick to school. I went to French Catholic school, complete with a uniform and archaic notions of gender performance, where young ladies were expected […]

Intimately Yours

A comparative analysis between shopping for lingerie and selecting an escort I’ve always had difficulty coming to terms with the concept of retail therapy. As someone who is conscious of my consumption, I generally opt for services when I am in need of a little boost, be it a delicious meal or a relaxation massage. […]

Emerald Green: The poison Ivy of Couture

Ever wonder why green is seldom used as a hue in seductive attire? Its treacherous past might give us a few insights. Enjoy a short history of the jewel-tone and its origin in Couture. During a recent visit to the Bata Shoe Museum, I came across a lovely display in The Fashion Victims exhibit. Enclosed […]

Dressing to Undress

I’ve been in Italy for nearly three weeks. Currently, I’m sipping my umpteenth cappuccino, and ardently people watching. Venice, a romantic backdrop if there ever was one, has inspired me to write a little something about what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to meeting an escort. Getting ready for a date is often […]

You Look Sew Good

Fashion tips and tricks to get the most out of your style. Every day, you open your closet and write a story. You start with the foundation: the underthings that lie closest to your skin, which caress your intimate areas. Next, you choose what the majority of the world will see: your outfit. Now, it may vary […]

Get a “Real” Job!

Answers to escorting FAQ and examining a real-time instance of whore-phobia. In late August, as I was preparing for a tour to Ottawa, I received a rather offensive email, seemingly out of the blue. It went something like this: This, understandably, upset me. I was going about with my day, completing necessary tasks to prepare […]

Lean on Me

How to Support a Sex-Worker You Love As a newbie escort still testing the waters, I find it sometimes difficult or just plain awkward interacting with people that I love who are not (or who are no longer) active sex-workers, or put simply: civilians. And yet, sex workers like myself are not that different from […]

Babe in Toyland

An erotic short for your 5 minute coffee break Vivienne had just left a position working at a nightclub and was looking for work. Still quite young and naïve, Vivienne wasn’t quite ready to go full swing into companionship, but she did want to work in something related to her greatest passion: sexuality. After hearing […]

The Librarian

What goes on in those stacks? Vivienne started working in the library in January of her second year in university. She had always loved the relaxed atmosphere, the warmth, and the fantasies that libraries inspired in her. You see, Vivienne is a literaphile, someone who loves to read, particularly erotica. She reads everywhere- in parks, […]